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How to fix an electric car

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In the use of electric cars in the process of use, it is inevitable that the "strike" phenomenon, understanding the basic maintenance of common sense, let you save a lot of heart. Repair the electric vehicle in two steps, that is to find fault and repair. The premise and key of repair is to find out the fault quickly, find out the cause of the failure, and then to repair it.
One, the car does not turn (that is, the motor does not turn)
1. Using an electric vehicle detector to test the voltage of the motor lead line, the fault of the line and the control line can be judged immediately. The result of the measurement is that there is a voltage, and it is determined that the failure of the induction line of the motor or the controller to the motor should be excluded. The measurement results have no voltage, it is determined that the control line has fault, and the next step should be checked.
2, disconnect the controller brake plug, and turn the electric switch. When the car rotates, it is determined that the brake switch is broken and the short circuit fault has been caused, and a new brake switch should be changed. If the car does not turn, then use a good speed change handle, replace the original transfer. If the car turns, it is determined: the original speed regulation is broken, the electric vehicle does not turn, and the new controller should be changed.
3. Measuring the contact of the battery box, it is possible to judge the failure of the car not to turn because of the power supply. If no voltage is displayed, if the power lock is turned on and the dashboard indicator is not lighted, it is decided that the fuse should be broken, and the safety pipe should be replaced, the wire will fall off, the welding head should be broken, or the new line should be replaced. If there is a voltage display, open the power lock, the dashboard indicator light is not bright, it is determined, the power lock is broken, the new lock can not be switched on.
Two, open the power lock, the car does not stop (the car shock phenomenon), stop the car
The detection method is to disconnect the plug with the controller adjuster, which can immediately determine the failure of the speed regulator or the controller. If you disconnect the plug speed control switch, turn on the switch to lock the car stopped, judge: to the governor has been bad; if you disconnect the plug to the governor, the electric door lock is opened, the car turn, determine the controller has been bad, should be renewed.
Three, disc
1, it is determined that the end of the runout is caused by what. Inspection methods: great support, the front wheel off the ground, turn the hand wheel, find out where the big resistance. That is, grind the disc and mark with a red marker.  And mark the number of 1, 2, 3, and remember the original installation position on the three bolts.
2. Remove the front wheel. Remove the discs again. The most trouble is a bit difficult, twisting the inner six angle must be struck three bolts with a hammer, or the inner six angle plate screw not break down.
3, clean the plate, put it on a clean glass, and the disc is down without a step. A thin piece of paper is stuck next to the disc, and if they are not stuck, it shows that the disc is not deformed, which means that the beating of the surface is caused by the wheel hub.
4, the deformation of the disc must be flat. It's not difficult. It's easy to have friends in the machine shop.
5, the wheel hub is not equal to the compensation law. That is, the thin slice is added to the 1.2.3 position, and the sheet is cut from the skin of the can (thick 0.12MM). Combine the top grinding disc to determine the position of the slice, which depends on the analysis.