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Electric car maintenance workers who do who knows, understan

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Electric vehicle maintenance workers will always hear others say: now dry electric vehicle repair is really good, learn a craft, eat more fragrant, streetcar is many, and not tired, a month will be 10000 yuan! The maintenance of more money, low cost, repair and repair dozens of pieces, a day to repair dozens of cars, no more than a few hundred...
Every time I hear that, there is a kind of indescribable ache, if it is as he said, how good, how proud and proud! Think about it, but the reality...? Who can understand the hidden "unknown" secret behind an electric car repairman? No clean clothes, no clean hands, no better body after that. When bending to help customers repair cars, when squatting for hours, when looking down the line, The waist, the leg, the neck... Will the "sequelae" be left behind?
When you see someone else wearing "gorgeous" neat clothes, when you look at your clothes full of oil and mud, and smoke lightly, what's your taste in your heart? Do you think the repairman is really easy? Is it easy to get the money?
No matter how high temperature heat, direct sunlight to provide customers more money to repair, little customer is not happy, you say money, even if you do not make money free, some customers do not support your love, because I am that you repair a car, a little trouble is not supposed to give money! What did they take you? Do you really make money on him? Do you think about the cold?
Customer: Master, my electric car is broken, walk and walk on the electricity, you help me to see where the line is broken, help me to get!
You are so bad, where the line is broken, are you finished?
Do not know that the line is broken, I am not a master, you are my master, you are God!
After careful investigation, we found that the controller was broken. The owner would not be pleased: can you repair the car, or walk along? Let other teachers go online. It's fun. Your electric car can't be bad. It's a line. You still go to the master!
Really good no language, perhaps before the line of failure, then on the line, but not the line of the controller fault can I give you a good answer? We are just aiming at where there is trouble repair where, like you have no gas in the front tire, according to the rear tire repair, can we solve the trouble?
What is too much too much octanic acid in exchange for? How can they understand it again?
Every day, holding a wrench, pliers, screwdriver, multimeter, screw in all kinds of such kind of screws. In fault, check various, occasionally have to screw screws. With great difficulty moving, my hands always have this or that scar, accidentally touch to hand, even hurt. Still you for troubleshooting a!!
When you meet a good customer and we are more polite and smile, even if you are tired again! But the bad car owners, but also scolds that we will not work, much money, Jack, bargaining...
Who can understand the mood at that time? Who can understand the mood at that time? How many people are looking down on our maintenance workers? They think it's easy to do it. Is it really like this? I weep.