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Comprehensive and practical knowledge of electric vehicle ma

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Do everything there is a program, a process, the electric bicycle maintenance also has a train of thought, a process.
The failure of the vehicle into your repair shop, the first thing is to ask if the fault phenomenon, is busy, the first recorded fault phenomenon will then be repaired; fault electric vehicles will be many, for instance does not turn, not power, headlight is not bright, but no matter how much the fault phenomenon, it can be divided into two categories:
A kind of flexible fault: the so-called flexible fault, mean sometimes, sometimes not, or that the fault has no obvious regularity, such as controller of the copper wire Kang desoldering, sometimes good contact, the normal operation of the motor; sometimes the contact is not good, the motor will be unable to start. This kind of fault must first analyze the related aspects and measure the relevant parameters, such as no clue, the simplest and most effective way is to change parts.
One is rigid fault. The so-called rigid fault means that such failure will remain unchanged once it occurs. The failure scope is not expanded or transferred. The failure phenomenon is not changed. If the power brake brake is damaged, it will not be able to cut off the motor power supply, and replace it with a new product. This kind of fault is relatively easy to repair. If we know a little bit of theoretical knowledge, we can first judge and replace it, and improve the speed of maintenance. ?
One principle of maintenance is to minimize the principle. The simple problem itself has been minimized, and the complex problem should seize the key point of the problem and find the breakthrough point of the solution. If a car turns and turns the motor not working, the monitor's work is not normal. First, it can disconnect the monitor, connect the motor, battery and controller, and measure the cause of the parameter analysis. When the motor is running normally, check the monitor again.  The components of electric bicycles are more. The maintenance of electric bicycles is essentially the repair and replacement of parts, so the following possible failure is explained from key components.
1, the frame frame is the core of the vehicle safety, bad frame strength or making precision will seriously affect the use, such as the discovery of the vehicle when riding to one side of his, is probably the inclination of the vehicle overall; if the vehicle had more severe concave, may be over load and in poor conditions to cause deformation of vehicle ride where is the deformation may occur, before the riser and the front triangle weld with crack or saddle tube flat fork and the frame of the crack. If there is a floppy metal percussion sound, may be some splicing strength or welding. ?
2, post flat fork
The rear fork without much of a problem, is mainly caused by the use of the road or install rear fork screws loose, once the rear fork screw loose, there is a rear wheel swing, leading to serious tail brake when the vehicle speed, shaking when riding, pedal when forced off the chain; the rear fork motor tab the strength is also very important, especially the size and rigidity of the opening, because on special occasions (such as emergency brake), is a test of rigid, so the general motors in the nut shall be returned after the half circle, so it will not loose?
3, forking
Simple type shock absorber and fork points, is usually used with suspension fork, easily damaged, the collision and subduction of the strong will make the front fork spring damage, damage to the front wheel mud plate and the front triangle collision or front wheel and plastic parts collide, but to turn to. This phenomenon can be used to beat the big gap to decide whether to see the front fork for fork, or the other way, increase the gap to solve. ?
4, handle and riser
The handle and the riser in the car generally do not repair, only after a long time use will appear rust, now not strong screw loose stitch should be the first to use water treatment for a period of time, and then the iron hammer carefully knock the front vertical tube outside, in the screw with the best ring wrench or socket wrench, usually without stiff hand or adjustable wrench.
5. Plastic parts
Plastic parts are generally not maintained. The main reason for this is the resonance problem of plastic parts. When resonance occurs, the fasteners are loosened. If necessary, they can add sticky holes to the plastic parts and change the resonance frequency.
6. Instrument
The instrument is the display part of the electric vehicle. Now the conventional instruments are divided into LED display and pointer display. ?
Led instrument failure rate is relatively low, but once the failure is difficult to check, must understand the characteristics of the structure, some comparator voltage stabilizing circuit, if the voltage indicator is not accurate, can adjust the benchmark adjustable resistance is realized; in the design of LED instrument, is likely to take some auxiliary functions (such as undervoltage instructions, caller ID, cruise etc.) focused on the display board, it must understand the various functions of the circuit board, and then repair. The pointer type instrument can be divided into brush mode and brushless mode according to the speedometer. According to the polarity of control, it can be divided into positive control and negative pole control. The difference between brush mode and brushless way can be illustrated by Figure 1. Brush connection speed line voltage is from large to small changes; brush a connection with brush type B connection method can achieve the desired effect, but the brush class B connection of the life will be longer, because the current general situation of current consumption in more than 15mA, and the pressure drop R1 potentiometer the 45V in the left and right, so the power consumption of the potentiometer at about 0.7W, which for the poor, short life potentiometer. Once the potentiometer is damaged, the speed meter will not turn; the brush B connection method overcomes the defects as above and adopts the bypass grafting method to reduce the demand for the potentiometer.
The speed line voltage of brushless connection is changed from small to large, because the voltage of brushless speed line can be done relatively low, so the probability of potentiometer damage is small.